ManyBooks Interview and Life Strings Free Download


I'm excited to announce that recently interviewed me about my most recent novel, Life Strings. We talked about the characters in the story being relatable, what has kept my audience reading, and the challenges of cranking out 1000 a day and staying true to those characters.  

Please head over to to get a detailed look behind the story, Life Strings, and a little bit more about me as an author.

If you haven't had a chance yet to read Life Strings, it is available for a free download until August 22nd! 



Free Today

For a limited time, Life Strings is available for a free download on

Book Launch More Successful Than North Korean Rocket

Holding Fire Spreads Like a Virus. . . the Good Kind

That’s right, folks…so far sales are outpacing the rocket program Kim Jong-un has going. Again, I appreciate all your help and support…don’t forget to post a review of the book on Amazon if you like it. And you can post any comments or feedback for me either on this site or on Facebook.