Holding Fire
By Bruce Borgos
Life Strings
By Bruce Borgos

While there is plenty of action to satisfy readers who may be looking for that in this modern Western, ultimately, this book [HOLDING FIRE] is about the lifelong conflict between love and duty – that conflict between what the heart wants and what the head knows what must be done.
— Reader Nellana Degraff

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Bruce Borgos (1959 - ) lives and writes from the Nevada desert. A near lifelong resident of the southwest, he combs his dusty newspaper daily looking for interesting topics to turn into great stories. HOLDING FIRE is his first novel.



This blog is intended for comments/feedback about my work, which as of now consists wholly of Holding Fire. As the backdrop for this story is a controversial one, especially if you live out here in the Western U.S., I know you as readers may have opinions of your own you would like to share – not only about the book itself but the ongoing tension between the federal government and people like Harlan Hale, my fictional composite of the western cattleman.

I welcome the conversation and really hope you enjoy my novel.